My Voucher Codes is a handy website that makes life a heck of a lot cheaper, which comes in very useful. When they heard that John Lewis spent 7 months and £7million on their Christmas ad, they thought 'why not apply the same logic to that.' So I wrote, directed, built, and starred in a budget version of their ad, in 7 hours, with £700, and a lot of help from mates at SCA 2.0 and Frank PR. It was possibly the most stressful, glue covered 7 hours of my life to date but it was worth it because it won Digital Campaign of the Year and got literally millions of impressions. Impressive, huh?

It went down so well over there with those money saving guys they were like 'hey why don't you do the same thing but make a smash hit football song for the Euros.' Again, zero budget and one day turnaround. Now, I know very little about football, but I'm proud to say I'm now in a band, and have written a song that actually shows up on Spotify. The people of Brixton loved it, and a few people from further afield gave it a watch too.