Orange Romania have had these two jolly blobs representing their brand for over a decade now. They've got this magical mouth that they pass between each other, but it got us to thinking. 2018 is the 100th year of Romania coming together in the Great Union. What if Milledge and Doig (the jolly blobs have names) brought the whole country together with the magic mouth. We created a year long campaign where the mouth was passed around all manner of people and places, culminating in a super duper app where you yourself can try it on for size, and send messages to your mates in a secret language that neither of you will understand!

It kicked off at Christmas with an all singing all dancing Christmas tree with the sweet tones of a soulster scaring the heck out of poor Milledge and Doig when they realised what their mouth is capable of.


Next up came Valentine's Day, where the mouth really got a life of its own and jetted off on a kissing rampage.


Swiftly followed by Spring where the mouth blew away all those wintery clouds and brought out the sun. 


Then came the app. Not only can you change your voice and get some fabulous orange lips, why not add some tropical leaves, jazzy sunglasses, or other sunny props, because summer.